Learn how to compress PDF files to reduce file size using Adobe Acrobat on Windows or Mac.

Open the Optimize PDF tool

To reduce the size of your PDF file, open the Optimize PDF tool. You can access this tool from the Tools center. Click the Tools tab at the top left, scroll down until you see the Optimize PDF tool, then select Open from the drop-down menu.

Select Open in the Optimize PDF menu

Select a file to compress

In the Open dialog box, select the Local Magazine Spring.pdf sample file you downloaded or other PDF document you want to compress and click Open.

Click the Local Magazine Spring.pdf in the Open File dialog box

Select Reduce File Size in the top menu

Click the Reduce File Size option

Set compatibility and click OK

In the Reduce File Size dialog box that opens, choose file version compatibility from the drop-down menu options. For the Local Magazine Spring.pdf sample file, keep the default setting of Retain existing. Then click OK.

Click OK in the Reduce File Size dialog box

Rename and save your file

In the Save As dialog box, keep the same file name to overwrite the original PDF with the optimized PDF, or select a new name or location for your compressed file. Then click Save. Learn more about compressing PDF files to reduce PDF file size with the Acrobat file compression tool.

Click Save to compress the PDF

Try compressing a PDF with our online tool.

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