Learn how to fill out PDF forms with different types of data and sign using a variety of signature methods.
Fill and sign forms

Open a PDF document

Download the fill-and-sign-forms.pdf practice file and open it in Acrobat, or open your own fillable PDF form.

In the right hand pane, select the Fill & Sign tool.

Select the Fill & Sign tool

Add information to your Profile

Some of your information will show up in the My Profile section of the Fill & Sign tool. Information such as your name, address, email, and phone number are conveniently stored for future use.

If any of your information is missing, simply type it in to add it to your Profile.

Add information to your Profile

Place your information in the document

To add any of the information to your document, simply click and drag from the My Profile section to the appropriate location in the form.

To reposition your text, click and drag the left edge of the text box.

Drag and Drop for your Profile

To increase the text size, click the large A icon.
To decrease the text size, click the small A icon.

Text size options

Adjust text to fit the form

Sometimes a form will require you to "comb" out your letters so that they fit equally in pre-defined boxes. To do so, place your text and click the Comb icon in the blue context menu. 

To adjust the spacing of your combed text, drag the resize handle on the right-edge of the text box.

Adjust text to fit the form

Add a Cross Check

To add a Cross Check (or any other symbol), click once on the icon in the menu. Then hover to the correct location in the document and click again to place the cross check.

You can reposition the element by clicking and dragging the left-edge of the bounding box.

Add a Cross Check

Add Dots

Follow the same process from the previous step to place some Dots on the car diagram. All of the symbols (cross check, check mark, circle, line, dot) can be used to add marks to forms where text is not necessary.

Add Dots

Add a custom signature

To add your signature to a form without printing and signing in pen, click the Sign icon in the menu.

In the sub menu, click Add Signature

Add a custom signature

Acrobat gives three options for adding a signature.

  1. Type your name and choose from Acrobat's signature styles
  2. Draw your own signature using your mouse
  3. Upload an image of your own signature

When you've found the signature style that works best, click Apply.

Signature options

Move your mouse to the correct location and click once to place your signature. To resposition the signature, click and drag the left-edge of the bounding box.

To change the size of the signature, click and drag the handle on the bottom-right of the bounding box, or click one of the A icons in the blue context menu.

Note: When you save a form with a signature or initials, you will no longer be able to edit the existing form fields.

Place signature

Contributor: Sergiy Maidukov

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