See how the Adobe Acrobat interface makes it easy to access files and tools across desktop, web, and mobile using a consistent Home view experience.

Access files in the Home view

The Home view appears when you select the Home tab or don’t have a PDF file opened in Acrobat.

  • In the left pane, you can access multiple file lists, including Recent, Scans, My Computer, and files Shared For Viewing, For Review, and For Signature.
  • In the center of the user interface, you’ll see to-do cards to track pending actions for documents shared with you.
  • At top right, you’ll find a search box, learn and support link, and notifications bell for file activity alerts.

Open tools in the Tools center

The Tools center is the go-to place to use and discover tools available in Acrobat. When you have a PDF document open and choose a tool, tool-specific commands or a toolbar appears in the document view. If you don’t have a file open and choose a tool, you will be prompted to select a file.

Customize your tool shortcuts

The right pane provides tool shortcuts for quick access to frequently used tools. To add a shortcut, open the Tools center and click the Add button below the desired tool name.

Learn more about the Acrobat interface

Find out more about using the Acrobat interface on Windows or Mac, including showing and hiding menus, creating custom tools, and setting preferences. You can also use your favorite Acrobat tools online in any browser when you use Adobe Document Cloud for the web.

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