32-bit third-party plug-ins won’t work on 64-bit Acrobat

Adobe will soon release 64-bit Acrobat on Windows 10. The 64-bit Acrobat application will have all the obvious advantages:

  • More memory available
  • Robust performance
  • More responsive

Impact on third-party plug-ins

Currently, third-party plug-ins developed using Acrobat SDK work fine on the 32-bit Acrobat application on Windows. To make those plug-ins work on the 64-bit Acrobat, the plug-ins must be upgraded to 64-bit.

What the users should do?

The users should contact the third-party vendor to get the plug-in upgraded to 64-bit.

What the third-party vendors should do?

If you need help with upgrading the plug-ins to 64-bit, contact Adobe on acrobat-sdk@adobe.com.

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