Acrobat subscription can't be validated

When you launch Acrobat, you see a warning message saying your Acrobat subscription cannot be validated.

Acrobat subscription cannot be validated

Subscription validation can fail because of one of the reasons listed below. To resolve the issue, try the corresponding suggested solution or workaround.

  • The Adobe ID used to sign in does not have Acrobat subscriptions entitlement provisioned.

    Workaround: You get the option to run Acrobat in trial. Click Continue in Trial. Also, check whether the Adobe ID you have used to sign in has a proper entitlement for Acrobat.

  • The computer on which you are trying to sign in is not connected to the Internet, or is behind some firewall. Therefore, it cannot reach Adobe Servers for authentication.

    Solution: Ensure that the machine is connected to the Internet. If there is a firewall, whitelist Adobe licensing endpoints - * and *
  • The entitlement check for the Adobe ID that you used during Sign In dialog has failed for some reason. 

    Solution: Cancel the dialog box and launch Acrobat again.

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