Some Enterprise customers do not want end users to sign in to Acrobat using Social media accounts.


Acrobat XI and DC.


For serialized deployments, all the existing options that enterprises have to suppress sign-in will continue to apply for social sign-in as well. To summarize, below are the options for enterprises to suppress sign in for serialized deployments.


2.    Via APTEE tool (PRTK)
Enterprise customers deploying with serial numbers via APTEE can suppress registration by providing the --regsuppress=ss option in the following command.
a.    Generate prov.xml file:
Adobe_prtk.exe  --tool=VolumeSerialize  --leid=<Product LEID> --generate  --serial=<Serial Key> --regsuppress=ss --eulasuppress

b.    Serialize and activate using the prov.xml
Adobe_prtk.exe  --tool=VolumeSerialize –stream
3. Furthermore the feature lockdown key to suppress the “Sign In” (Services/bUpdater) will continue to work. 


If the user currently sees the sign-in screen, they will continue to see the sign-in screen with two additional options (Facebook/Google). There is no option specific to disabling these two options on the sign-in screen. All the existing options to suppress sign-in will continue to hold as-is. 

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