When you create a document with Microsoft Excel 2007, and then transform the document to a PDF file, the text in the cells are cut off. The layout of the document might also differ from the layout of the file as you originally created it in Excel, and page breaks might be in the wrong places.


Microsoft has found a bug in Microsoft Excel which doesn't print the text in the Excel spreadsheet with the appropriate print quality if the print parameters used are not the ones set by Excel.


Solution: Configure the DPI settings in Excel to match the DPI settings of the PDF file.

  1. In Excel 2007, click the Page Layout tab.
  2. In the Page Setup group, click the Page Setup dialog box launcher.
  3. In the Print quality list, click 600 dpi for standard output. Or, click 300 dpi for minimum output.

    Note: The dpi settings that are available depend on the functionality of the printer that you are using.
  4. Save an Excel 2007 workbook as a PDF file. To do this, click PDF in the Save As dialog box.

    Note: The following two options for output are displayed:
    • Standard (publishing online and printing): uses 600 dpi for output.
    • Minimum size (publishing online): uses 300 dpi for output.
  5. Do one of the following:
    • If you clicked 600 dpi in step 3, then click Standard (publishing online and printing).
    • If you clicked 300 dpi in step 3, then click Minimum size (publishing online).

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