Why do I get an error Too many files selected when creating PDF via right-click in Windows Explorer

Why do I get an error "Too many files selected" when creating PDF via right click in Windows Explorer?

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When selecting a large number of Microsoft Office files (docx, xlsx, pptx) in Windows Explorer and going right-click > "Convert to Adobe PDF" you may get an error "Too many files selected. Windows Command line limit exceeded by xxx Characters. Please select fewer files and then convert to Adobe PDF."
This can happen when the file names of the selected files are either very long or when you select a large number of files at the same time.


This is a limitation of the Windows Command line. It allows only 2048 characters to be passed via ShellExecute functions. Acrobat utilises ShellExecute for this function.

Additional information

There is no such error when you select only image formats like JPG. The reason why you are not observing it with JPGs is that Image conversion does not use the command line path and Acrobat DC directly converts image files to PDF directly.

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