Feature summary | Character Animator (December and October 2021 releases)

Learn about new features and enhancements in the December 2021 (version 22.1.1) and October 2021 (version 22.0) releases of Character Animator.

Puppet Maker

Fun, fast, diverse character creation for everyone. Choose from a variety of character styles, and then with the simple interface start customizing your character. You can pick hair styles, skin tones, accessories, and much more. Puppet Maker allows you to see your character react to your movements and voice in real time.

For more information, see Create a puppet using Puppet Maker.

Transcript-based Lip Sync

Get better lip sync with improved Adobe Sensei machine-learning technology. Use a text transcript associated with an audio file to produce a more accurate result when computing lip sync.

For more information, see Transcript-based Lip Sync.

Unified version numbers

With this release, the Adobe video and audio applications are aligning on version number 22.0. Major versions offer forward and backward interoperability between the Adobe applications so that users with any 22.x version can work with any other 22.x. Consistent version numbering will simplify updating and collaboration.

Body Tracker

Live-perform 2D character animation using your body. Powered by Adobe Sensei, Body Tracker automatically detects human body movement using a webcam and applies it to your character in real time to create animation. For example, you can track your arms, torso, and legs automatically.

For more information, see Body: Control your puppet’s arms, torso, and legs using your webcam.

Smart replays

Smart replays simplify the way you view and edit replays in the timeline. Replays triggered during recording in new scenes now appear as trigger bars, instead of multiple take bars, for a simpler, more compact, and easier-to-modify timeline.

For more information, see Smart replays: Create simpler, more compact, and easier-to-modify replays.

Head & Body Turner behavior

Head Turner behavior is now Head & Body Turner. You can now switch between groups, for example, different views like the front, quarter, and side/profile of a character, as you swivel your body left or right.

For more information, see Head & Body Turner: Switch between groups as you turn your head and body.

New and updated example puppets

This release introduces new and updated example puppets (Chloe, Tull, Bongo, Footy, Ninja, Thorne, and Heather) with body tracking.

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