Note: For information about accessibility improvements for Adobe Connect 8, see More Accessible, Adobe Connect 8.

Adobe's overall goal is to provide improved accessibility for Connect 7.1. The first steps in this process is to provide keyboard navigation and hot keys so that the Meeting client can be used as much as possible without a mouse.

Menus at the top of the Meeting client (Application Bar menus) can now be navigated and executed entirely by keyboard.

  1. CTRL+SPACE begins the process by activating the Meeting menu.
  2. Left and right arrow keys activate adjacent menus on the Application Bar.
  3. The down arrow key activates the current menu and allows selection within the menu by further down, up, left, right arrows keys.
  4. ENTER selects the current menu item. ESC makes the current menu disappear.

Allow TAB Navigation among the Visible Pods

  1. TAB (and Shift+TAB) should navigate to the Next (Previous) Pod in a loop of visible pods.
  2. When navigated to, a Pod should display an outer Focus Rectangle, as illustrated in the image below.

  3. The color of the Focus Rectangle is set in the Web App Central for all meetings in the Account by setting Administration > Customization > Meeting > Button Rollover Color.
  4. For certain pods, when the TAB navigation focuses on the pod, the particular focus is set on a meaningful default field of the pod. For example:
    1. For the Chat pod, the focus falls upon the field for entering a new message, as illustrated in the image below.

    2. For the Note pod, the focus falls upon the note, allowing you to change the message. (there are currently technical problems that prevent this.)
    3. For the Attendee List pod, the focus falls upon the selected user(s) in the list, if any, or upon the first user in the list, if none was selected.
  5. When the Meeting client starts, the focus is set to the Message entry area of a visible Chat pod, if there is one.
  6. When the Meeting client loses focus (when you switch to another application) and later regains focus (when you return to Connect with the Meeting application), by default it loses any focus on a pod. In this case, the focus will be set to the default location.

New keyboard shortcuts in Connect 7.0 SP1 (Hot Keys)

CTRL+M Toggle Microphone on (locked) or off.
CTRL+UP-ARROW Toggle Raise-Hand status.
CTRL+. Toggle Full Screen mode. Applies to currently selected Share pod.
CTRL+' Promote to host. Requires selected item(s) in Attendee List.
CTRL+] Demote to participant. Requires selected item(s) in Attendee List.
CTRL+/ Promote to Presenter. Requires selected item(s) in Attendee List.
CTRL+, Start/Stop Recording (toggle). For Start, brings up the Start Recording Dialog.
CTRL+\ End meeting. Brings up the End Meeting Dialog.
CTRL+[ Start/Stop Desktop Sharing. Applies to currently focused Share pod.
CTRL+SPACE Bring up first application bar Menu for keyboard navigation .


Dialog Box Improvements

Before SP1, every dialog box was keyboard navigable (ENTER does the default action, ESC cancels). However, there was often no visible indication what the default action was. In SP1there is a visible indication (a double border) on the default button, and text fields are navigable using TAB and Shift-TAB.

Existing Keyboard Shortcuts in Connect 7.0 (Hot Keys)

  1. Presenter Hot Keys for Presenter content in Share Pod.

    Page Up or Right Arrow Next Slide
    Page Down or Left Arrow Previous Slide
    P Play/Pause
    S Stop
    M Mute
    V Change View

  2. White Board

    CTRL-D Clear
    CTRL-P Print
    CTRL-Z Undo
    CTRL-Y Redo
    DEL Delete selected items
    Arrow Keys Move selected items in desired direction

  3. Chat Pod

    ENTER When the cursor is in the message entry area, causes the message to be sent

  4. Dialog Boxes

    ESC Cancel
    ENTER or SPACE Take the default action (defined per dialog).

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