Adobe will no longer offer Adobe Connect pay-per-use

Beginning October 19, 2015, Adobe will no longer offer Adobe Connect accounts on a pay-per-use basis.  Prior to October you must either 1) change your account to a monthly or annual billed account OR 2) start a new pay-per-use account through Adobe’s trusted partner Intercall.  All existing Adobe Connect pay-per-use accounts will be good only through October 19, 2015.

To continue using Adobe Connect for your web meeting and training needs, please consider one of the following options:

1)     Adobe Connect monthly or annual account
Convert your pay-per-use account to monthly or annual billing in order to keep your existing Adobe Connect account, including all your content, recordings and meeting rooms.
Annual Plan: US $540.00/year/host (Best value at the equivalent of $45/month)
Monthly Plan: US $55.00/month/host
To convert your current pay-per-use account, use the Service Tab from within your account.
Contact Adobe Connect Support for help: 800-422-3623


2)     Adobe Connect pay-per-minute via Intercall
To keep paying for Adobe Connect on a pay-per-use basis you will need to sign up for a brand new account via Intercall.
Per minute: $0.30
Purchase online from Intercall
Contact Intercall for help: 877-489-7647

You must take action prior to October 19, 2015 in order to avoid discontinued service.

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