These sugggestions are just best practices – It's not necessary to compel the customer to adhere to them. Instead, carefully check the issues they are experiencing and recommend one of them. Again, these suggestions are best practices and not guidelines.

Factors influencing Bandwidth

1. Resolution
Monitor set to 1280 x 1024 contains approximately 67% more pixels than a monitor set to 1024x768 – so use the lesser one.

2. Color bit depth
Monitor set to 16 bit uses slightly less bandwidth than Monitor set to 24-bit or 32-bit color depth

3. Room bandwidth

4. Video/Screen share quality

Best practices – Host and Speakers

  1. Directly connect to the fastest internet connection available.
  2. No wireless, no exceptions.
  3. Shut down Email/IM and any programs NOT being used for the presentation.
  4. Shut down any VPNs and directly connect to the internet.
  5. Do not use a photograph for a Connect room background. Solid color backgrounds with simple corporate logos work best.
  6. Have programs that you are screen-sharing open to the appropriate window and ready to demonstrate - avoid launching and logging into programs while screen sharing.
  7. Turn off computer “sleep” especially if a re-log in is required.
  8. If sharing your screen, remove any photo backgrounds on your computer desktop.
  9. Optimize room bandwidth to DSL, regardless of your setting -
    1. In a Acrobat Connect Meeting, at the top of the screen click on MEETING/Room Performance and Appearance/Optimize Room Bandwidth/DSL
  10. If using a telephone for audio, use a handset or quality headset. Don't use a speakerphone, as it will cause voice fluctuations and background audio will be picked up during the recording. Also, NO wireless microphones!

Best Practices – Participants

Make sure to convey best practice instructions to your participants in your invites and reminders to ensure they have the best experience possible.

  1. Instruct participants to check to see if their computer system is ready to participate in a Connect meeting:
    1. Conduct a test to ensure your computer is set up with the appropriate tools to participate in an Adobe Acrobat Connect Professional Meeting. To do this, click on the Test Meeting Connection URL located here:
  2. Directly connect to the fastest internet connection available, do not use wireless, it could cause meeting interruptions.

Best Practices for sharing PPTX files on Adobe Connect

Use the best practices listed below when sharing PPTX files in Adobe Connect. These practices are not required for sharing PPT files.

PPTX files can be uploaded either directly to a Share Pod in an Adobe Connect Meeting or they can be uploaded to the Adobe Connect Content library.

When sharing directly from the computer in an Adobe Connect Meeting Room, keep in mind the following points:

  • Use the Adobe Connect Add-in to run the meeting. Adobe Connect 8.2.1 and above prompts
    you to install the Adobe Connect Add-in when you share the PPTX file if you
    do not already have it installed.
  • The uploading computer should have Microsoft PowerPoint installed.
  • The uploading computer should not have any Microsoft PowerPoint modal dialog box open
  • Alternatively, if you have Adobe Presenter you can to publish locally (My Computer) as a Zip
    Package and then share the Zip Package

When uploading content to the Adobe Connect Content library for sharing in a Connect Meeting Room:

  1. Save the PPTX as a PPT and then upload the PPT file.
  2. Use Adobe Presenter to publish locally (My Computer) as a Zip Package and upload the zip file to the content library or publish directly from Adobe Presenter to the Adobe Connect content library.

The below table compares the behavior under different cases.

PowerPoint Feature

Sharing PPTX without using Adobe Connect Add-in or Adobe Presenter

Saving PPTX as PPT and sharing

Sharing PPTX using Adobe Connect Add-in or Adobe Presenter


Effect dropped

Preserved (Text animations lost)

Preserved (Text animations lost)

Stacked Text (Text Direction)

Effect dropped - mapped to horizontal text

Preserved (Text animations dropped)

Preserved (Text animations dropped)

Smart Art


Preserved (Smart Art animations lost)

Preserved (Smart Art animations lost)



Preserved (Chart animations lost)

Preserved (Chart animations lost)

Text Effects (Gradient/Picture/Texture Fill, Shadows, 3D, Bevel, Glow, Transforms, Outlines)


Preserved (Animations lost except in case of shadows)

Preserved (Animations lost except in case of shadows)

Effects on Shapes/Images (Shadows, Reflection, 3D, Bevel, Soft Edges, Glow, Outline)

Missing (only 3D effects on the shape will be missing)



PowerPoint 2007 Fonts (Cambria, Calibri, Candara, etc.)

Fonts substituted

Fonts substituted

Fonts substituted


Ways to improve Captivate performance

  • Keep captures short – try to divide longer sections into segments under 2 minutes each
  • If you want audio – then compression values to lowest audio quality
  • Eliminate audio – this is one of the heaviest parts of the download – narrate it yourself during the meeting
  • Lower JPEG image quality

PowerPoint Slides

• Don’t screen share slides
• User the sidebar to do non-linear navigation
• Use the sidebar for notes/talking points

Convert any Video to FLV

• Publish as FLV from Premiere, After Effects or other video editors
• Convert to Flash 8 or 9 – SWF and FLV (now with C9 you can publish for Flash 10 or 11)
• Load FLV into the room

VOIP and Recordings

• Check for microphone suggestions
• Turn speakers down/off or wear a headset
• Run Audio Setup Wizard from Meeting menu
• Choose Multiple or One speaker

• Use layouts to create index
• URLs that are shared with WebLinks Pod are not recorded
• You cannot poll from a recording
• Unsynchronize content (PPT, FlashPaper, Captivate) during the meeting if you want users to be able to interact with the content in the archive

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