Some Hosts are unable to start Adobe Connect meetings when they launch their meeting room. They receive the following message:

"The meeting has not yet started. You will be able to access the meeting once the host arrives. Please wait."


Have the administrator add these hosts to the Meeting Hosts group. A host can start meetings only after the administrator adds them to the Meeting Hosts group. If you have reached the limit for the number of named hosts available on your account, speak to your sales representative to find out about adding new hosts or changing pricing model. 

Additional information

As part of Adobe Connect 8 Service Pack 1 update on May 20, 2011, strict enforcement of the licensing provisions of the Named Host Pricing Model was put in place. Following this, some users found that they were not compliant with the licensing provisions of this Pricing Model and required time to structure their licensing to match their needs. This enforcement has therefore been temporarily disabled in the hosted environment and users of this service should not currently see the issue outlined above. Enforcement of proper licensing will begin again at a later date.

For more information, see the Pricing Models information in the Adobe Connect 8 Help or speak to your sales representative to find out more about the Pricing Models available. 

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