Corporate proxy servers and firewalls often block port 1935 for inbound and outbound traffic on the local area network (LAN). Therefore, sometimes a client cannot attend an Adobe Connect meeting through port 1935. 


To configure Adobe Connect, perform the following steps: 

  1. Log on to the Adobe Connect server. 
  2. Copy and paste the following three lines to the <root>:\breeze\custom.ini file: 




     Note: If you already have these three lines in the custom.ini, replace them with the updated ones above. 

  1. Save and close the custom.ini file. 
  2. Open the Adobe Connect Console: Start > Programs > Adobe Connect Enterprise Server > Configure Adobe Connect Enterprise Server. 
  3. Click the Server Settings page. 
  4. For HTTP Port, enter 8080. 
  5. Save this page. 
  6. Open the Services in Control Panel and stop the following services: 
  • Adobe Connect Enterprise Service 
  • Flash Media Administration Server 
  • Flash Media Server (FMS) 
  1. With the Services window still open, start the following services: 
  • Flash Media Administration Server 
  • Flash Media Server (FMS) 
  • Adobe Connect Enterprise Service  

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