Connect 7.5.X FMG license expires

This TechNote applies only to Adobe Connect 7.5.x on-premise customers who use the Universal Voice (UV) feature.



The Flash Media Gateway (FMG) License expired on June 1 2012 in all patch releases of Connect 7.5, which  caused the Universal Voice (UV) feature to stop functioning.

To correct this issue, apply the FMG License patch to your on-premise Connect servers.

  1. Using the link above, download and unzip the patch onto the Connect servers.
  2. Make a backup copy of the \Breeze\Flash Media Gateway\mod\FMGControlHttp.dll file.
  3. Execute the patch by double-clicking the FMGPatch (for file. The patch displays a message indicating the FMG service will be restarted.
  4. The patch replaces the FMGControlHttp.dll file located in the \Breeze\Flash Media Gateway\mod folder. You receive a message indicating the patch was successfully applied.

To Confirm the patch was applied, you can compare the version of the FMGControlHttp.dll file.

Old FMGControlHttp.dll file version –

New FMGControlHttp.dll file version –

Customers who didn't apply the patch before the June 1 2012 expiration date have the following symptoms:

In Connect meeting rooms, users see that the speaker icon is marked with a red ‘X’ as seen in the below screen shots.  This red x indicates that UV is not working, but the telephony services continue to function.



FMG Speaker Error

FMG Speaker Error


Connect Administrators can find log entries similar to the below in the debug.logs:


2012-06-02          03:10:22               4048       (i)2571011           Server starting...              -

2012-06-02          03:10:22               4048       (i)2581173           [3796]No remote HTTP host or pass specified in fmsmg.xml, exiting discoverHttp      -

2012-06-02          03:10:22               4048       (i)2571012           Server stopped (expired).   -

2012-06-02          03:10:22               4048       (e)2571122          Server aborted. -

2012-06-02          03:10:22               4048       (i)2581173           [2696]Error loading HTTP plug-in, check config(http.xml)                -


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