Adobe Connect Release Notes

Starting March 23, 2012, Adobe Connect 8 hosted customers will begin to get upgraded to Adobe Connect 8 Service Pack 2 Update 1 Patch 3 ( Customers will receive an email about their exact upgrade date/time.

This patch fixes the following important issues to improve overall user experience:

·        Memory leak in Connect add-in when presentations are loaded/unloaded

·        Memory leak with Breakout sessions

·        Memory leak upon switching meeting layouts

·        Meetings, created from templates with failed content, can get corrupted

·        Recordings do not display custom pod shared in a meeting

·        Copy/Paste does not work when Mac desktop controls a remote Windows desktop

·        Unable to hit <Enter> or type anything in command prompt for a remotely controlled desktop

·        Problems with several rapid successive saving action for recordings

·        Seek feature not working in playback of recording with Breakout room

·        Problems loading meeting room pods upon moving to Breakout room

·        Browsing to an un-enrolled virtual classroom gives wrong error message

·        “Ghost” telephony users may get created in meetings enabled with PGi telephony that cannot be removed or merged

·        Randomly changing layouts may result in attendee pod appearing blank to all attendees

·        Course status may incorrectly show that it is in progress even though user has completed the course

·        In Q&A pod, view option button and presenter/participant buttons are not viewable by the presenter host

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