Connect 9.1 AVL fulfillment

Ship date

Adobe Connect 9.1 (update) will be rolled out in phases

On-Premise: Adobe Connect 9.1 installer for customer premise deployments (all supported locales): August 19 2013.

Hosted: Adobe Connect 9.1 service hosted by Adobe: Starting August 19 2013. Check the migration schedule for your account here.

Managed Services: Adobe managed customer-specific cloud deployment of Adobe Connect: Update scheduled based on customer requirement. Reach out to your Adobe Connect managed services representative to schedule your update.

Upgrade eligibility

All NEW On-Premise customers will have the 9.1 product sent to their LWS account.
Only On-Premise customers with a valid M&S agreement are eligible to receive the Connect 9.1 upgrade.  

The Connect 9.1 installer link has been emailed to customers who are eligible for the upgrade.  

Serial key

Customer uses Connect 9.0 (or the earlier version customer is using) serial key with Connect 9.1 download to install this feature update. There is no separate serial number required.


Connect 9.1 is a patch and download will be available via the below installer link:

The Connect 9.0 DVD is available for customer purchase.  The 9.1 bits are being slipstreamed into the DVD Sets.  


If the customer asks for the Connect 9.1 download link to be resent, then check if they have an active M&S for Connect as of August 19 2013 or not. If customer has an active M&S, then resend the installer link: to customer. 


What’s New in Connect 9.1?

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Connect 9.1 Checklist

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Bug/Issue: Adobe Connect 9.1 License Upload Error; Unable to create an administrator


Engineering has  acknowledged that there is a bug for Connect 9.1 Licensed customers. During an Adobe Connect 9.1 install, they could encounter this error while trying to upload the Connect license file from the server configuration console. They could also find the Create Administrator link missing from the console.  Customer could encounter this issue if they do not have Events functionality present in your license. Engineering has identified it as a licensing issue and are working on investigating it through bug#3620176. 


Engineering is working on a new installer. We recommend that customers wait for the bug to be fixed and then continue with the Connect Licensed 9.1 install. More updates to follow soon on the blog below. See customer service workaround for this issue below.

Note: See blog link below for more information

Blog link:  

Customer Service workaround

Customer service will enable the Events module on the customer's account with QTY: 0 (see screenshot below).

TS will track their requests they send us and disable the Events module once the bug is fixed.


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