This article applies to Adobe Connect versions that supports Adobe Connect add-in. Starting Nov 2017, Adobe introduced the new Adobe Connect application for desktop that replaces the old Adobe Connect add-in for Adobe Connect version 9.x and later. If you are on Adobe Connect version 8 or earlier, you can continue to use Adobe Connect add-in.


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Users on Mac cannot open content generated with Captivate 7 and published directly to Connect with reporting type selected as SCORM 1.2/2004/Connect. Users can save on the local machine and then upload to Connect


Users trying to update an "Existing project" on Connect by using publish from Captivate 7, can't update it successfully


When you try to access Captivate 7 content uploaded as a locally saved .zip with special high ASCII characters in its name, the content doesn't open. Users can't use high ASCII characters while uploading.


Creating Connect content by uploading a Captivate 7 zip causes a "Request not processed" error. The Captivate content has reporting disabled and both HTML5 and SWF files are selected as publish options. Publish directly to Connect.


Captivate 7 content with a "Matching" question with a subtype of "pre-test" or "hotspot" type question with subtype as "survey" and published as SWF file isn't displayed correctly in Meeting/VC. You can use other question types


In a few instances, Captivate 7 content published as SWF files don't allow the host to make input for hotspot quiz to answer the question during the meeting.


In rare instances, users on Mac OS, trying to publish Captivate 7 HTML5 content with reporting type as SCORM 1.2/2004 encounters a publish fail error. You can select to publish either as both a SWF file and HTML5, directly to Connect or locally.


In some rare instances, when you submit a recording to convert to MP4, the mp4 conversion job fails. It does not provide any error code or error logs.  Resubmit the recording


 MP4 files generated after recording conversion have a duration longer than original recording by few seconds.


The generated MP4 file has stuttering at few instances during playback and the likelihood increases if the number of streams in the recording increase.


Hosts cannot share the MP4 recording the Connect meeting from their Connect content folder. Download the file on their machine and then upload in the share pod


MP4 recording when used as a content or course aren't tracked for reporting if users access it from a mobile device.


Users cannot access MP4 content using content tracking URL if they are using a mobile device to access the same. Users can use standard content URL instead which is shown on the content page


MP4 files don't play when they are part of an event when accessed from a mobile device


Users cannot stream MP4 recording on android devices by clicking the URL when recording permission is Private. Hosts can either make them public or download the recording and play it back. The error doesn't occur if the user has a valid authenticated session running. So, clicking the MP4 URL again doesn't give the error if you could authenticate in the first attempt.


In rare instances, when you submit the recording for MP4 conversion, it fails with an error code of 209. UResubmit the recording.


On Mac OS, if you share a MS Office application using "window" mode of screen sharing, some portions of the window are not visible to others. Use desktop sharing instead


In rare instances on Mac OS, the Connect Add-in crashes when you change the preference settings for video and an exception error occurs. Relaunch the meeting


During Connect meeting / VC, when using unsync mode, users taking the LI quiz question on Presenter 9 content can't move out of the quiz slide without attempting it.


Users can't see reports ‘By Answers’ for drag-and-drop question type in a Presenter 9 content


In rare instances, on Mac 10.9 (next release of Mac), user cannot launch a meeting in add-in and browser from safari. User can use the current released version of Mac or use some other browser


In some instances, when you put a long answer to a question in the Q&A pod, other users can't scroll down the read the entire message.


In rare instances, when you add a large number of users to a user, one group with large number of users to another group or move large list of meeting SCO between folders, users are thrown operation size error.


If a Presenter 9 published content has a slide video that has been trimmed from starting, it doesn’t play when the user tries to open. Users can try moving back and forth from that specific slide to any other slide solves the problem


When a host starts associated telephony conference and a user selects the "Dial In" option, the user gets a notification saying audio conference is muted. Users can ignore this message


In few instances, under wide screen mode, the webcam feed of a user using Logitech HD Pro webcam C920 freezes when switching between layouts


In rare instances, Jaws can't read the action of using space button for any dialog box which is opened


When a user tries to create a short answer poll type in the Poll pod, Jaws reads the ‘Answer List’ check box as ListBox.


On Minimizing the add-in window while uploading a zip format presenter file, add-in not launched normally


When a user searches for a content using email as the search term, it doesn't show any result if the subtype chose in recordings


While creating a course, if a user does not select a content to associate with it and presses cancel, the course is still created. Cancel in the course information page to stop it.


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