Adobe Connect 9.1 upgrade checklist


This article applies to Adobe Connect versions that supports Adobe Connect add-in. Starting Nov 2017, Adobe introduced the new Adobe Connect application for desktop that replaces the old Adobe Connect add-in for Adobe Connect version 9.x and later. If you are on Adobe Connect version 8 or earlier, you can continue to use Adobe Connect add-in.

The upgrade to Adobe Connect 9.1 requires the following changes to ensure that users can access meetings and seminars. The checklist describes the changes and provides additional support documentation where needed.

  • Adobe Flash Player 11.2 is now officially the minimum requirement for attending meetings. To receive optimal performance, Adobe recommends that user have the later version of Flash Player.  Download the latest version of Flash Player.
  • The latest version of the Adobe Connect Add-in is 11.2.385.0 for Windows and 11.2.381.0 for Mac OS. Adobe Connect Add-in is required for functionality specific to meeting Hosts and Presenters on Windows and Mac OS.  The minimum required version of the add-in for Adobe Connect 9.1 is 11.2.385.0 for Windows users and 11.2.381.0 for Mac OS users. For more information, and links to download the latest add-in, click here to review the latest TechNote.
  • With the upcoming release of Adobe Connect 9.1, there is an important new change in Seminar Rooms. All seminars must be scheduled. This change was implemented to ensure compliance with Adobe licensing requirements. Click here to review the latest TechNote.

For On-Premise customers on closed networks or for customers that require centralized software installation, Adobe recommends that users contact their IT helpdesk. They can ensure the minimum versions of the Connect add-in or the minimum version of Flash Player are installed before you upgrade date. 

Adobe is upgrading hosted Adobe Connect accounts to version 9.1 starting August 16. You can check your account upgrade date by using the widget from the Downloads and Updates page, located in the upper-right corner of the page. Adobe notifies the administrator on your account of this date, and provides in-product reminders ahead of the upgrade.


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