When you install FMG as part of an on-premise Connect deployment, the fresh installation of FMG includes many default profiles in the sip. xml file. When you enter values from Connect console (port 8510 locally on the server), those values are populated to the first profile listed in sip.xml (sipPhone). They aren't populated to the correct sipGateway profile, which is called from the workflow.xml file.

The expected behavior is that the values from Connect console should update the sipGateway profile rather than the first profile in sip.xml.


The Adobe Connect Support team is using currently approaching this problem from one of two possible ways:

  • You can copy a sipGateway profile from a version of FMG earlier than version 2.x and paste that into FMG 2.x.
  • You can call sipPhone profile from workflow.xml.


In FMG earlier than version 2.x, sipGateway was the first profile listed in sip.xml. The workflow.xml file checks the input number, and then chooses the profile from sip.xml. With default FMG settings, it uses SipGateway most of the time. Adobe plans to address this issue in Connect 9.3.

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