Pay-Per-Use (PPU) model changes | Adobe Connect 9

To ensure meeting persistency, meetings in Adobe Connect 9 remain open until all attendees (hosts, presenters, and participants) leave the meeting, or the hosts ends the meeting. In Adobe Connect 8, meetings automatically shut down 15 minutes after the last host left the meeting. This change can affect how you currently use your PPU account, and charges assessed.

What is the PPU model?

The PPU price model enables customers to hold online meetings and pay based on usage. Fees are calculated per minute by multiplying the number of minutes used by the number of attendees in meetings. For example, if five attendees join a meeting for five minutes, the per minute payment is calculated by multiplying five attendees by five minutes. You pay for a total of 25 minutes.

When do meeting charges start on PPU accounts?

For PPU accounts, meeting charges are initiated as soon as the first attendee enters the meeting room (including the presenter of the meeting). They continue as long as there is at least one attendee in the meeting. PPU charges continue to accrue until the meeting is closed, or until all attendees have left the meeting.

How do I make sure meeting charges stop on PPU accounts?

Meetings don't automatically shut down unless all attendees leave the meeting (including participants). To make sure that the PPU meeting is closed, and charges stop, the meeting host uses the End Meeting feature. In upper-left area of meeting interface, click Meeting > End Meeting > OK. When you end the meeting this way, participants don’t remain in the meeting unintentionally, and drive up PPU charges.


Important: Adobe is not responsible for any additional charges that you incur if a meeting is not ended as intended.

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