The Adobe Connect services don't start after you upgrade from Connect 7.5 to Connect 8.

You configured shared storage in Connect 7.5 and changed the user account that the Connect Pro service runs so it could access the shared storage volume.

When you run the Connect 8 installer, the following message sometimes appears:

The installer ran with some errors, please check the install log.


Set the Connect services to use a domain user that also has access to the SAN/NAS and start the services manually. 

Note: You can also set the installer to use the correct user. In the file (\Breeze\Uninstall_Adobe Connect), add the password and account that you want to use for creating the Connect 8 service. 



Additional information

This error occurs when Connect can't access the shared storage volume because the installer ran the upgrade using the user Local System. 

When this issue occurs, you see the following error in the cp_install.log:

11-18 10:56:45: Post Install Updated Failed 

11-18 10:56:45: java.lang.Exception: invalid backup folder: \\ediadofs01\transfer\kay\shared

at com.macromedia.airspeed.content.BackupManager.validateOrInit(

at com.macromedia.airspeed.main.ConfigProperty.assignValues(

at com.macromedia.airspeed.main.ConfigProperty.reloadProperty(

at com.macromedia.airspeed.main.ConfigProperty.loadProperty(


at com.adobe.connectpro.install.action.server.PostInstallUpdater.runConsoleProcessing(

at com.adobe.connectpro.install.action.server.PostInstallUpdater.install(

at com.zerog.ia.installer.actions.CustomAction.installSelf(DashoA10*..)     at*..)

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