Issue: Adobe Connect Windows Meeting Add-in version 11.2.362.0 can cause screen sharing to become unresponsive.

Solution: If you installed the Windows Add-in from inside the meeting between May 23 and June 5, then you are likely running version 11.2.362.0. You can check the version, by going to your Windows Programs and Features control panel item. If version is 11.2.362.0, double-click the entry to uninstall the Add-in.

After uninstalling, install Windows Meeting Add-in version from the Adobe Connect Downloads and Updates Page

You can also install the latest Windows Meeting Add-in version 11.2.369.0

  • From here (no need to uninstall 11.2.362.0 first)


  • From inside meeting by attempting to screen share (uninstall 11.2.362.0 first)

The latest version has some additional fixes.

If you have any questions, contact Adobe Connect Support.

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