After you upgrade to Adobe Connect 8.2.2, you experience disconnects.


Disable Dynamic Screen-Share CODEC Switching.


These steps have been performed for Adobe Connect hosted customers and no action is needed for these hosted customers.

  1. Open comserv\win32\conf\originhost\_defaultVHost_\Application.xml for editing.

  2. Locate the following configuration entry (the example below shows the default value, 'true'):

  3. Change value to "false," save:


  4. Repeat the process on each node in the cluster.

  5. Verify that the change has taken effect, without restarting FMS on any node (not necessary, per directive from QE.

  6. Launch an existing meeting in the add-in.

  7. Start sharing the screen.

  8. Play a YouTube video, and then stop it. This step is a trigger for dynamic switching of codecs. If active, you see one instance of the following log line in the add-in log:

    "On2 video decompressor in use."

    You should not see the following line:

    "Screenshare v2 decompressor in use."

  9. Repeat the test with another meeting.

Additional information

To improve screen sharing quality in version 8.2.2, Adobe introduced Dynamic Screen-Share CODEC Switching.

Following an increased report of client disconnections after upgrading to Connect 8.2.2, Adobe determined the issue is due to dynamic CODEC switching during screen sharing. Adobe recommends that you turn off this feature.