Enabling Breeze Meeting to communicate on both RTMP and RTMPS


Some Breeze administrators may not want SSL enabled for every meeting, but would like the ability to have users connect over the RTMPS protocol if they can't connect over RTMP.


This would be implemented for connectivity purposes and not necessarily for security reasons. Since RTMPS may be able to communicate through a particular user's firewall that might be restricting RTMP, it is an advantage to have RTMPS in the sequence.


  1. Setup SSL for Meeting. See the Additional Information section below for a Technical Note that explains how to set-up SSL.
  2. Add the following in the c:\breeze\custom.ini

    Note: c:\breeze refers to the root directory of your Breeze install.

    SSL_ONLY=no DEFAULT_FCS_HOSTPORT=:1935,443,80 RTMP_SEQUENCE=rtmp://edge-host:1935/?rtmp://host:1935/, rtmp://edge-host:443/?rtmp://host:1935/,rtmp://edge-host:80/? rtmp://host:1935/?rtmps://edge-host:443/?rtmp://host:1935/
    Note: Order is important for the RTMP_SEQUENCEparameter. If you want users to try the RTMPS protocol last, put it last in the RTMP SEQUENCE parameter. Users who fail on RTMP will then try RTMPS.

Additional Information

You may follow the instructions for setting up SSL in TechNote10f5f5a8.

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