Flash Professional 8 comes packaged with 2 codecs to convert movies into FLV format. These codecs are Sorenson Spark and On2 VP6. Using the On2 VP6 codec results in the video portion of the FLV file not playing in Breeze Meeting. Only the sound plays.


Currently, Breeze 5.1 SP2 does not support FLV's that are encoded using the On2 VP6 codec.


Flash Professional 8 includes the Flash Video Encoder, which allows you to convert video files to FLV's using either the Sorenson Spark or On2 VP6 codec. In order for video to play in an FLV that has been uploaded into Breeze Meeting, the video must be encoded using the Sorenson Spark codec. In addition, for greater compatibility, the file should be saved in Flash 7 format, not Flash 8.

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