Gray screen | Meeting Room | Adobe Connect 8.1.1


After you upgrade to 8.1.1 on Windows, the entire screen is gray when you launch a meeting. This issue affects Hosts and Presenters who use the Adobe Connect Add-in. Participants who use Flash or users not on Windows aren't affected.


Clear the Temporary Internet Files in Internet Explorer:

  1. Make sure that all Adobe Connect meeting rooms are closed, then launch Internet Explorer.
  2. Choose Tools > Internet Options.
  3. On the General tab and in the Browsing history section, Click Settings.
  4. Click View Files.
  5. Select and delete all the files that are listed in this window.  To delete all files, select one file, press Ctrl+A, and then press the Delete key.

Additional information

In Connect 8.1.1, Adobe updated the SWF files on the Connect server. This update requires that the Internet Explorer cache files are updated. However, in some isolated cases, the files aren't updated and it's necessary to clear your local cache files.

The Adobe Connect Add-in uses Internet Explorer's cache files to store the meeting room files. If the SWF files used to load the room are missing from cache, then the room doesn't load.  Using different browsers renders the same results because the Add-In always uses Internet Explorer's cache folder to store the meeting cache files. 




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