Connect Pro 7.5 SP1 releases  

For Hosted Customers, review the chart below to see what version each cluster is on today and when each cluster will get updated.

Why are we doing a staggered release for our Hosted Customers?

We are doing this to maintain a high quality of service for our customers during the update timeframe by staggering the release across all clusters, by doing this, we will also ensure our Hosted Customers upgrade experience is successful and manageable.

Hosted Release - Staggered Schedule for each cluster:

Cluster Current Version Upgrade Date Upgrade to Version Confirmed
NA1: 7.5 HU2 April 23th, 2010 7.5 SP1 yes
NA4: 7.5 HU2 May 7th, 2010 7.5 SP1  yes
NA3: 7.5 HU2 April 30th, 2010 7.5 SP1  yes
NA5: 7.5 HU2 MAy 14th, 2010 7.5 SP1  yes
NA6: 7.5 HU2 April 30th, 2010 7.5 SP1 yes
NA7 7.5 HU2 May 14th, 2010 7.5 SP1 yes
EMEA 7 sp3 April 23th, 2010 7.5 HU2 yes
NA2 7.5 HU2 May 7th, 2010 7.5 SP1  yes
AR: 7.5 SP1 March 26, 2010 7.5 SP1 HU1  

Prerequisite:  All 7.x clients will have to upgrade to the 7.5 SP1 add-in, we will send out to all remaining clusters on Nov 11th to all primary contacts for our Hosted customers.  Customers with lock down environments will need to deploy the 7.5 SP1 add-in before we release 7.5 SP1 on their account.

Why is the Meeting Add-in a Pre-Requisite for 7.5SP1 customers?

  1. Fixed Add-in crashing issues
  2. Viewing Archives (playing back recordings) will require the 7.5 Add-in to improve the users playback experience
  3. Host/Presenter will need the 7.5 SP1 Add-in in order to Screen Share, use VoIP's Enhanced Audio or the File Share pod. 


* We will be notifying our Hosted Customers Primary account holder 2 weeks in advance of their account getting upgrade to 7.5, but we want to get the message out there now that a new Add-in is required and we recommend they install the 7.5 Add-in before the release. 

* The 7.5 Add-in works with 7.x meeting.

* We will support Windows 7 and Snow Leopard in 7.5 SP1

Licensed customers:

When are we releasing Connect 7.5 SP1 for Licensed/On-Premise customers?

May 7, 2010 (NOTE we sent an email telling customers the release would be 4/26, we pushed this out to May 7th.)

Release Notes: (NOTE: SP1 release notes will appear once SP1 is public)





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