How to import the Manager attribute into user profiles using LDAP Synchronization

By using the Manager feature in Breeze/Connect Enterprise Server 6, Manager Reports become available to any users with direct reports. A manager can then easily access reports for their employees from the Manager Reports page.

To add the Manager field to user profiles and import the manager value from your LDAP server, follow the instructions below:

  1. Login to Breeze/Connect Enterprise Server 6 Manager and select Administration > Users and Groups > Customize User Profile.
  2. Select Add Predefined Field.
  3. Check the box next to "Manager" and click Save. You will now see "Manager" added to the list of the fields for the User Profile.
  4. In Breeze 5.x, open the Breeze Console. Go to Start > All Programs > Macromedia Breeze > Configure Breeze.

    In Connect Enterprise Server 6, open Connect Console. Go to Start> All Programs > Adobe Connect Enterprise Server> Configure Adobe Connect Enterprise Server.
  5. Select Directory Service Settings > LDAP settings > User Profile Mapping.
  6. Enter the field name of the Manager field on your LDAP server and click Save.
  7. Go to the Synchronize Actions page and click Synchronize. The manager attribute is now imported for the users listed in your LDAP integration.
  8. Log back into the Breeze/Connect Enterprise Server Manager and go to Home > Manager Reports. All of the available reports for employees that report to the logged in user can be accessed here.
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