Inserting Flash movies manually


Flash movies can not be inserted from the Breeze plug-in menu on machines running the French version of the Windows Operating System.

Note: The Breeze engineering team is aware of this issue.


To insert a Flash movie into the Microsoft PowerPoint presentation manually, follow the steps below:

  1. Save the Flash movie (SWF) in a folder where the Microsoft PowerPoint presentation is saved. If this step is skipped, an absolute path must be specified ( details in step 9).
  2. Open the Microsoft PowerPoint presentation.
  3. Navigate to the slide where you wish to insert the SWF.
  4. Select View > Toolbars > Control Toolbox.
  5. Select the "More Controls" icon represented by a hammer and wrench.
  6. Scroll down the list of controls and select "Shockwave Flash Object".
  7. The mouse pointer becomes a cross hair pointer. Click and drag the cross hair pointer across the slide to designate the slide region where you want the SWF to appear.
  8. Select the Properties icon from the Control Toolbox. The icon is represented by a document with a hand.
  9. Select the œMovie property and enter the file name of the SWF you wish to insert. If the SWF is not in the same directory as the PowerPoint file, you can specify a relative or absolute file path.
  10. Set the œEmbedMovie property to true. Otherwise, the SWF movie will display as a static image in the converted presentation.
  11. Save the presentation.
  12. To verify if the SWF's have been inserted successfully, select Breeze > View Show. The SWF that you have inserted in step #9 should now show up.
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