As part of the upgrade from Breeze 4.1 or 5.x to Connect 6, you will be required to upgrade the Microsoft SQL Server 2000 MSDE to Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express. The migration of the Breeze database from SQL Server 2000 to 2005 is not automatic, so you must follow the instructions below.

This applies only to customers using the MSDE included with the Breeze installation. Customers using a separate Microsoft SQL Server do not need to follow these instructions.

Note: You should allocate 1 hour to accomplish the migration. If you have any questions about any aspect of performing this migration, please contact Adobe Connect Product Support.


Prepare for the migration by stopping Breeze services and backing up your database

  1. Stop Macromedia Breeze.

    Choose "Stop Breeze Server" from the Macromedia Breeze folder in the Windows Start Menu.
  2. Stop Macromedia Breeze Meeting.

    Choose "Stop Breeze Meeting Server"* from the Macromedia Breeze folder in the Windows Start Menu.

    *In Breeze 4.x, this will be "Stop Breeze Live Server".
  3. Note the full path to your Breeze database files (*.mdf and *.ldf). You will need to know the path to both these files in order to attach your database later. If you are unsure of where your database file resides, you may take the following steps to verify the Breeze database location:

    At the Windows command line, type the following:

    osql E

    The osql prompt will open. Type the following, substituting your database name for <db_name>. The default database name is breeze. If you are unsure of your database name, you can find it in the DB_NAME key in the custom.ini.

    1> SELECT name, filename FROM sysdatabases WHERE name = '<db_name>' 2> GO
  4. Make a backup copy of your Breeze database, following the instructions in TechNote 79895439.
  5. Backup your Breeze installation directory. By default, this is C:\breeze.

Uninstall your existing version of the MSDE before beginning the Connect 6 installation

  1. In the Windows Control Panel, open "Add or Remove Programs."
  2. Select Microsoft SQL Server Desktop Engine.

  3. Click Remove.
  4. Answer Yes to the prompt.

The SQL Server 2000 MSDE is uninstalled.

Install Connect 6

  1. Run setup.exe to begin the Connect 6 install.
  2. Follow the setup until you are prompted to Install the Embedded Database Engine.
  3. Select the default option:

    Install the embedded database engine to the following location: C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server.

    Note: If you try to install the embedded database engine to a location other than the default, you will receive the following error message:
    The embedded database engine install failed with return code 0; Please examine the log file [Connect Installation Dir]\logs\ for further information. Adobe Connect install will now proceed without the embedded database engine.
    The embedded database engine is still installed, however, the program files and data files will be split between the default installation directory and the directory you specified in the path.
  4. Continue with the setup until you are prompted to Please enter the password for your new database instance.

    Make note of the password you choose. You will need to enter it in the Application Management Console later in step 24.
  5. When prompted to Check the boxes below for startup options, select "Do not start Adobe Connect now" and click Next.

Connect 6 and the SQL Server 2005 Express are now installed.

Migrate the Breeze database to SQL Server 2005

  1. Create the following directory: C:\connect_db

    Note that the directory name is important. It is used by the script in step 18 to attach your database.
  2. Copy your database files (breeze.mdf and breeze_log.ldf) from their original location (from step 4) to C:\connect_db.
  3. Download the following SQL script

    Note: We recommend that you use the location C:\connect_db to store your Connect database files (*.mdb and *.ldf) and the migration script. If any of these files reside in a directory other than C:\connect_db, you will need to modify AttachBreezeDatabase.sql to include the full path of the files. This directory will be the permanent location of your database files.

  4. Extract the AttachBreezeDatabase.sql SQL script file and copy it to C:\connect_db.
  5. Run the SQL script using the following commands to attach your database.

    At the Windows command line, type the following:

    osql -E -i C:\connect_db\AttachBreezeDatabase.sql

The database is now attached.

Start the Connect services and continue with the upgrade process

  1. Start Adobe Connect Meeting.

    Choose "Start Adobe Connect Meeting Server" from the Adobe Connect Enterprise Server folder in the Windows Start Menu.
  2. Start Adobe Connect Enterprise.

    Choose "Start Adobe Connect Enterprise Server" from the Adobe Connect Enterprise Server folder in the Windows Start Menu.
  3. Open the Adobe Connect Enterprise console to configure Connect 6 and continue with the upgrade.

    Choose "Configure Adobe Connect Enterprise Server" from the Adobe Connect Enterprise Server folder in the Windows Start Menu.
  4. When the Connect 6 Enterprise Server console opens, proceed to the Database Settings.
  5. Verify the database information is correct.

    The default values should be:

    Database Host: localhost

    Database name: breeze

    Database port: 1433

    Database user: sa

    Database user's password: <enter the password from step 13>

The database migration portion of the upgrade is complete.

Breeze 4.1 customers will need to upload the Connect 6 license.txt to complete the upgrade. Breeze 5.x customers will not be required to upload a license.txt file.

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