When you upgrade Adobe Acrobat Connect 7.0 to SP1 (build 701_r18), Connect 7.0 SP2 (build 702_r31) or Connect 7.0 SP3 (build 703_r23), telephony is disabled.

Note: If you already upgraded Connect Pro to 7.0 SP1, SP2, or SP3, see "Telephony Bridge is disabled after upgrading to Connect 7.0 SP1, 7.0 SP2 or 7.0 SP3" (TechNote kb407694).


The telephony-settings.xml file that ships with Connect Pro SP1, SP2, and SP3 has telephony disabled by default.


  1. In the Window Services utility, stop the following Acrobat Connect Pro services:
    • Adobe Connect Enterprise Service
    • Flash Media Server
  2. Back up the existing Breeze/Connect database and custom.ini file.
  3. Back up the telephony-settings.xml file (located in C:\breeze\appserv\conf).
  4. Back up the telephony-capabilities.xml file (located in C:\breeze\appserv\conf).
  5. Back up the telephony adaptor jar file (located in C:\breeze\appserv\lib) eg. premiere.jar
  6. Install Connect 701_r18 (SP1), 702_r31 (SP2) or 703_r23 (SP3) by following the instructions on the Connect Updates page.
  7. VERY IMPORTANT STEP: On the startup options screen, select Do Not Start Connect Pro Now and click Next (as illustrated below).

  8. Copy the telephony-settings.xml and telephony-capabilities.xml files you backed up in steps 3 and 4 to C:\Breeze\appserv\conf\ and overwrite the existing files.
  9. Copy the telephony adaptor.jar file that you backed up in step 5 to the C:\breeze\appserv\lib folder.
  10. Start the Connect Pro services you stopped in step 1.
  11. Start Acrobat Connect Pro.

To verify that telephony is working:

  • Log in to Acrobat Connect Pro Central and click My Profile > Edit My Preferences. The telephony credentials appear.

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