You want to install the Adobe Connect add-in in silent mode in an organizations where users aren't allowed to install via lightining download.


Use the Command Line parameters to do a silent installation, as follows:

/SP: - Disables the “This will install….. Do you wish to Continue?” Prompt at the beginning of the setup and continue with the setup Wizard directly.

/SILENT: - This shows the progress bar only to the user, which indicates that installation.

/VERYSILENT:- This neither shows the installation wizard or the progress bar and installs the Add-in Silently.

  1. Download the Zip file and extract the Setup.exe file on the system:

  2. Open the Command prompt and navigate to the Setup.exe file that you downloaded.

  3. Execute the Setup.exe with command line parameter: For example:

    Setup.exe /SP

    Setup.exe /SILENT

    Setup.exe /VERYSILENT

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