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Welcome to Adobe® Connect™ 8 

Improve collaboration, complete work faster, and drive better results with Adobe Connect, an enterprise web conferencing solution for web meetings, eLearning, and webinars used by leading corporations and government agencies. Adobe Connect 8 offers powerful new capabilities including a simpler and more intuitive user interface for improved usability, enhanced audio/video integration for richer participant experiences, a new optional desktop client for improved access, and an enhanced software development kit (SDK) for even greater solution extensibility.  With these new features, Adobe Connect 8 makes your web meetings, online training, and webinars more efficient, more effective, and more engaging than ever.

Explore the following resources to help you discover more about Adobe Connect, find support, and send feedback to the team. 

Installation Checklist

Documentation describing the installation, upgrade, and features of Adobe Connect version 8

System Requirements

Whether you are upgrading from a previous version of Adobe Connect or installing for the first time, we recommend you read the System Requirements

Adobe Connect 8 Release Notes

Release Notes contain late-breaking information and known issues about Adobe Connect

Adobe Presenter 7 Release Notes

Release Notes for Adobe Presenter 7

Support Resources

Find helpful information on troubleshooting and using Adobe Connect, including technical notes regarding known issues or advanced configuration settings

Developer Center

Develop custom functionality for your Adobe Connect environment

Adobe Connect Product Page

Product information, reviews, white papers and more can be accessed from the Adobe Connect product home page

Adobe Connect Basics

Learn more and view quick and basic tutorials

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Product Support*

*If you purchased a Platinum Maintenance & Support plan, then you will receive a seperate letter providing details on the support process.

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