Adobe Connect 8 Service Pack 2 Update 2 Patch 3 ( addresses important issues to increase product usability and stability. This patch is available in all the languages supported by Adobe Connect.


What's New?

  • Support for Java 6 Update 37
  • Support for Tomcat 6.0.36


System Requirements

For detailed system requirements visit the Tech Spec page.


Issues Resolved

The following issues have been fixed in


Bug #



Cannot click on meeting name in meeting dashboard


Room starts gets un-responsive after some time if a Touch Device is installed


CP file, created and published by Captivate 6, keeps loading in the Share Pod


Pausing camera stream results in black video pod and sometimes black container comes around pause visual queue in camera pod


If a launched course from within curriculum is paused long enough so that session expires, user can continue and complete the course but completion does not get recorded


Active speaker notifications not always coming with InterCall telephony


Unable to type in Command Prompt window when controlling a screen share session


Answer choices for some questions are misaligned and overlap with each other for some presentations


After applying new license file, "Restrict screen sharing to specific processes" option is selected in Compliance and Control settings


Red Hat Add-in crashes upon selecting Prepare Mode from Layout Bar


Guests and Presenters are able to change their displayed name in the Attendee Pod


IncrementQuota run needlessly as it does not change data and causes system load


Room becomes unresponsive with heavy Attendee Pod usage


Get error after saving Premiere GM2 account


Participants are able to move the question slides in a presentation shared in a meeting room independent of the host, even if the question slides are locked and the play bar is disabled.


"Request screen share" option available even though screen sharing disabled in compliance settings


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