Connect to AMS server using Linux or Unix

AMS on AWS version 5.0.5 onwards, amsadmin is the new user and the root user is disabled. Also, you are required to reset the password for amsadmin user, the first time you login into the AMI instance.


Some companies block SSH access. If you can’t connect to an instance, contact your server administrator for SSH access.

Most Linux/UNIX machines have an SSH client, called a shell. On Mac OS, the shell application is called Terminal. In the shell, use the scp command to securely copy files to a Adobe Media Server on Amazon Web Services instance.

If your machine doesn’t have an SSH client, you can download one at

Connect to an instance

  1. Open a shell.

  2. Ensure that the permissions of the .pem file used for authentication on Linux or Unix machines is 0400. To set the permissions, use chmod 0400 filename.pem command.

    Otherwise a warning is generated and you cannot log in.

  3. Use the ssh command to connect to an instance. Use the following syntax:

    ssh -i keypair.pem amsadmin@public-dns

    For example, the following command connects to an instance:

    ssh -i /Users/AMS/Documents/amsdocs4.pem


    Log in to the Adobe Media Server instance as amsadmin.