JavaScript runtime is out of memory


Customers running Flash Media Server on Windows operating systems see an error similar to the following in the Windows Event Viewer:

Event Type:     ErrorEvent Source:   FMS (Core)Event Category: (264)Event ID:       1112Description: JavaScript runtime is out of memory; server shutting down instance(Adaptor: _defaultRoot_, VHost: _defaultVHost_, App: vod/_definst_). Check the JavaScript runtime size for this application in the configuration file.


Either optimize the objects created in Server-Side ActionScript, or increase the memory size for the Javascript engine at the Server or application.

The runtime memory size for the JavaScript engine is configured in the Application.xml. In the Application.xml, change the Application > JSEngine > RuntimeSize value and restart the server. Although each application runs its own JavaScript engine, the global Application.xml sets the memory size for each application. The error message indicates that a single application has run out of memory. Best practice is to configure a local Application.xml to override the global setting and configure a different JavaScript engine memory size for the failing application. Individual applications are only available on Flash Media Interactive Server editions.

Additional information

Flash Media Server runs Server-Side ActionScript objects in a JavaScript engine. This error is thrown when the JavaScript engine running out of memory to process the application and client objects created in Server-Side Actionscript. The runtime memory size for the JavaScript engine is configured in the Application.xml.