Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) forms leverages and extends the capabilities of your existing investments in XFA forms and Adobe LiveCycle solution. AEM forms, with its adaptive forms feature, complements PDF and HTML5 forms by adding yet another rendition channel for improved form-driven digital transactions. Using AEM forms, you can also leverage LiveCycle workflows or processes for backend processing of submitted form data.

Besides a number of features AEM forms offers, it integrates seamlessly with Adobe Document Cloud eSign services and Adobe Analytics to support electronic signatures and analysis of user interaction with forms. For more information about AEM forms features, see Introduction to AEM forms.

Working with existing XFA forms

AEM forms continues to deliver the XFA form technology for creating PDF forms. These forms can be delivered to end users via forms portal. It gives end users the flexibility to fill an XFA-based PDF, HTML, or an equivalent adaptive form.

For more information about creating an adaptive form using XFA form template or XML schema, see Creating an adaptive form.

Also, Forms Administrators can perform typical form management actions not just on adaptive forms but on XFA forms as well.

The forms management capabilities of AEM forms give you complete control and provide a host of tools to manage forms, including adaptive forms, XFA templates, PDF forms, XML schemas, and related assets. For more information, see Introduction to managing forms.

Leveraging AEM forms workflow

AEM forms integrates with your existing LiveCycle deployment and allows you to submit form data to a LiveCycle process for backend processing. The Submit to forms workflow submit action sends a data xml file and attachments (if any) to an existing LiveCycle process. 

For more information about built-in submit actions in AEM forms, including Submit to forms workflow, see Configuring the Submit action

Also, XFA forms submissions can leverage the AEM forms workflow (previously known as LiveCycle processes) or invoke an AEM workflow.

Bringing in new capabilities

While securing your existing investments in LiveCycle ecosystem, AEM forms provides additional capabilities to enhance the end-user experience of finding, filling, verifying, and submitting a form. It also gives your employees a better control on authoring, managing, and tracking forms, leading to higher productivity and efficiency.

For more information on AEM forms features and capabilities, see Introduction to AEM forms.

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