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Release information

Product Adobe Experience Manager
Version 6.1
Component Forms
Release Feature pack 1
General availability Nov 20, 2015

About the release

AEM 6.1 forms feature pack 1 brings several new features and enhancements that help you further streamline and enhance authoring, publishing, and processing of engaging and personalized forms, documents, and correspondences. Some of the key features included in the release are as follows: 

  • Rule editor to define rules and add dynamic behavior to adaptive forms using an intuitive and visual user interface.
  • Chart component for visual representation of data in adaptive forms and documents.
  • Various enhancements, such saving panels as fragment and configuring lazy loading to improve authoring and runtime experience of adaptive forms.
  • Integration with Adobe Target to deliver personalized and targeted content from within the adaptive forms image component.
  • Support for PhoneGap 5, Microsoft Windows 8.1, and Windows 10 for AEM forms app.
  • Enhance document security.

For a complete list of new features and enhancements, See What's new in AEM 6.1 forms feature pack 1.

In addition, the feature pack includes fixes to customer-reported issues. For details, see issues fixed in the service pack.


Installing the feature pack

AEM 6.1 forms feature pack 1 is a cumulative release that includes all product features delivered with AEM 6.1 forms. You can install AEM 6.1 forms feature pack 1 afresh on stand-alone (single) server or in a clustered environment.

For information about installing AEM 6.1 forms feature pack 1 on OSG1, see Installing and configuring AEM forms on OSGi.

For installing and clustering AEM 6.1 forms feature pack 1 on JEE, see Install and deploy AEM forms on single server and Configure AEM forms on server cluster.

Upgrading to the feature pack

You can upgrade to AEM 6.1 forms feature pack 1 from your existing Adobe LiveCycle ES4 SP1, AEM 6.0 forms, or AEM 6.1 forms installation.

For more information, see Upgrade to AEM 6.1 forms feature pack 1.

Issues fixed in the feature pack

The following customer-reported issues are fixed in the feature pack.

Adaptive forms

  • Wildcard search does not work in AEM forms content finder. [Ref# CQ-50040]
  • Validation error messages in adaptive forms are not localized. [Ref# CQ-49442]
  • Nested fragments directly under the rootPanel of an adaptive form do not work. [Ref# CQ-50657]

AEM forms core

  • Process Purge tool on AEM forms JEE does not work. [Ref# CQ-55154]
  • Health Monitor UI on AEM forms JEE does not display any information. [Ref# CQ-48532]

Forms manager

  • Nodes of adaptive form fragments in /content/forms/af are not deleted when the fragments are deleted using Forms Manager UI. [Ref# CQ-46161]
  • Search box on the template selection screen when creating an adaptive form does not work properly. [Ref# CQ-51870]

Forms portal

  • The text displaying the number of results on forms portal is misaligned when using the Panel layout. [Ref# CQ-46221]
  • Title of the edit dialog for the Save button in adaptive form is incorrect. [Ref# CQ-50571]

Process management

  • Cannot open a Workspace task directly from its URL. [Ref# CQ-45951]

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