If you use Visual Studio to build the Windows app, your build can fail. Your build can fail because Visual Studio fails to acquire certificates for the latest version. 

When the build fails, you see the error shown below.


Click to view the full-size image.

If your build has failed because of the issue described above, perform the following steps before you build your app again:

  1. Open MWSWindows.sln in Visual Studio.
  2. In the project, open config.xml using designer.
    Use Shift+F7 keys together on your keyboard to open the file in designer.
  3. Click Platforms.
  4. In the Platforms screen, if the Cordova CLI version is 5.0.0, change it to 5.1.1.

If your submitted task is stuck in outbox, and your app is connected to the Internet, check Allow Empty option in AEM Web Console Configuration. Ensure that Allow Empty option in AEM Web Console Configuration is enabled.

URL for AEM Web Console Configuration is:

  • For OSGi: http://<server>:Port/system/console/configMgr
  • For JEE: http://<server>:Port/lc/system/console/configMgr

To enable Allow Empty option:

  1. In the Web Console Configuration page, find and click Apache Sling Referrer Filter to edit the configuration.
  2.  In the Apache Sling Referrer Filter dialog that appears, enable Allow Empty.


If the Allowed Referrer List is empty, the CSRF feature stops working and the system becomes insecure.

For more information, see Preventing CSRF attacks.

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