Set up your environment

Build AEM forms app

Perform the following steps to set up the MobileWorkspace project in Xcode and provide a signing identity:

  1. Log in to Mac machine that has Xcode and iOS SDK installed and configured.

  2. Download and save the archive to [User_Home]/Projects/.

  3. Extract the archive in the[User_Home]/Projects/MobileWorkspace directory.

  4. Navigate to the [User_Home]/Projects/MobileWorkspace/src directory.

  5. Open the Capture.xcodeproj project in Xcode.

  6. In the Build Settings tab, click All and then click Combined.

  7. From the Settings list, expand Code Signing.

  8. For Code Signing Identity, select the appropriate signature.

  9. Ensure that the same signature is selected for Debug, Release, and Any iOS SDK.

  10. From the list of TARGETS, select Capture and ensure that the appropriate signature is selected for Code Signing Identity, Debug, Release and Any iOS SDK.

  11. Build and run AEM forms app on iOS device or iOS simulator.

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