You can make changes to any task that is currently assigned to you.

You can open any task in the My Tasks folder. You can also open a task that you are currently working on and have saved in the Drafts or Outbox folder.

For details on saving a task, see Saving a draft.

To open a task

  1. Tap on the task in the task list.

    Selected Task

    When you select a task, the description of the task, as set in Workbench, is displayed below the task name. After the description the user action / actions associated with the task is displayed.

    • If a task has three or more actions associated with it, tapping the task on your home screen displays only the first three actions in the order in which they are defined in the Workbench process. Actions will not be visible on tapping a task if the Must open the form to complete the task option is enabled in Workbench process. 

    • If the process designer does not associate any action with a task, the default action associated with the task is Complete.

  2. Swipe-left the task to open it.

    Alternatively, you can tap the arrow on the right of the task to open the task.

    The summary page opens.

    The middle section of summary page displays a summary of the case. The lower section displays the task attachments.


    The summary page is rendered via a servlet that is configured in the process. If the summary URL is not configured in your Workbench process while designing the process in workbench, the attachments section is displayed in place of the summary page.

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