Viewing the attachments of a task

When a task is created, the task initiator can add attachments and notes to the task. The attachments and notes associated with a task can be viewed in the Attachments screen of the AEM forms app.


The app supports attachments of any file type. However, to view an attachment, you need to ensure that the associated app is installed on your mobile device.

Also, all attachments and notes associated with a task are read-only.

To view the attachments and notes

  1. Tap the Attachments icon on the upper-right corner of the app.

    Attachments screen

    The Attachments screen displays the file attachments and notes associated with the task.

  2. To view an attachment, tap the attachment.


By default, the attachments associated with a task are not downloaded when the app is synchronized with the AEM forms server. To download attachments, you need to set the Fetch Attachments setting on your app to ON.

For details on changing the Fetch attachments option, see Updating general settings.

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