The offline mode of the AEM forms app allows you to take your work out of your network area. You can even work in a completely offline mode. You can open, update and even submit a task and Startpoints without requiring any network connectivity.

You start off working on the AEM forms app by synchronizing your app with the AEM forms  server. All the tasks assigned to you are downloaded to your app. You can view these tasks in the Task list. In addition, all Startpoints that are defined, will display in the different categories in the Processes tab.

For details on how to synchronize the app, see Synchronizing the app.

Making Tasks available Offline

When you synchronize your app with the AEM forms server, the tasks are downloaded to your mobile device. However, by default, the attachments associated with the task are not downloaded. This implies that if you are in the online mode, you will be able to view the attachments. However, to ensure that you are able to view the attachment even in the offline mode, you need to change the default settings in your app.

To ensure that the associated attachments are downloaded with each task, set Fetch attachments to ON. For details, see Updating general settings.

Since downloading data on the mobile device can affect the performance of the device, by default, the Fetch attachments setting is set to OFF. The attachments are fetched to the device for any task that is downloaded from the server after the setting is updated to ON. In the offline mode, a user can then work on all tasks that are downloaded to device after setting the Fetch attachments options to ON.


All defined Startopints can be viewed from their categories in the Processes tab. For details, see the Home screen.

Configuring offline service for AEM forms app

AEM forms app offline service caches the paths or URLs of the resources used in an adaptive form or a form set to improve the server-side performance. AEM forms app relies on this service to obtain information about form dependencies required to enable offline functionalities. The cache is updated based on the changes in the form and the validity period configured for the offline service.


AEM forms app offline service is configured only for adaptive forms and form sets. For HTML5 forms, use the manifest file to define assets used in the HTML5 form.

To configure the server-side offline component of AEM forms app:

  1. Go to http://<hostname>:<port>, and navigate to Tools > Forms.
  2. In the Mobile Workspace Offline Service section, click Configure now. The service configuration page opens.

The configuration page allows you to perform the following operations:

  • Clear Cache: Clears the server side cache of the form dependencies.
  • Reset Configuration: Resets the AEM forms app offline configuration.
  • Cache Validity Period: Specifies the validity period for the server-side offline cache.
  • Resource Observation Paths: Specifies paths where the offline service monitors for resource changes. If any changes occur in the specified paths, the offline cache of all dependent forms is updated. For example, “/etc/clientlibs/fd,/content/dam/images”.
  • Manual Resource Paths: If the offline service cannot identify certain dependencies for the form (for example, images loaded from within JavaScript), you can specify such resources manually. AEM forms app will then download these resources as well for the offline mode.

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