A startpoint represents the invocation of a process that is created in Workbench.


The terms startpoints and start process are used interchangably when referrring to this concept.

To initiate a process from the AEM forms app, you need to have a startpoint of type Workspace in your process. Also, you need to select the Visibile in Mobile Workspace option for the startpoint.

To start a process defined in Workbench

  1. To view the Startpoints available in the AEM forms app, go to Home screen.

  2. On the Home screen, by default, the All Startpoints list displays.

    To open a Startpoint, right-swipe on the Startpoint in the list.


    To open a Startpoint, you can also tap the arrow at the right of the Startpoint displayed in the list.

    The form associated with the startpoint displays.

  3. Enter the details in the Startpoint form.

  4. When you have completed the form for the Starpoint, tap Back to go to the Task Summary page.

    You can add annotations to this task from the Annotations tab.

  5. On the Task Summary page, tap the submit option to submit the task.

If you are in the offline mode, the entry for this task is created in the Outbox folder.

If you are in the online mode, the task is synchronized with the AEM forms server and is assigned to the user specified in the process.

To work with the task in your task list, see Opening a task.

Troubleshooting task held in outbox on submission

If you submit a task and it stays in outbox longer than expected, enable Allow Empty option in AEM Web Console Configuration.

URL for AEM Web Console Configuration is:

  • For OSGi: http://<server>:Port/system/console/configMgr
  • For JEE: http://<server>:Port/lc/system/console/configMgr

To enable Allow Empty option:

  1. In the Web Console Configuration page, find and click Apache Sling Referrer Filter to edit the configuration.
  2.  In the Apache Sling Referrer Filter dialog that appears, enable Allow Empty.


If the Allowed Referer List is empty, the CSRF feature stops working and the system becomes

For more information, see Preventing CSRF attacks.

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