In AEM forms, you can preview the forms and documents present in the repository. Preview helps to know exactly how the forms look and behave when they are released to the end users.

When previewing forms, they are rendered in interactive interface and the user can fill the forms with data. When previewing documents, they are rendered in non-interactive mode and the user can only view the document. For forms, an additional option of Custom Preview is available. Using this option, you can preview the form using data from an XML file. The data fills up some or all of the fields of the form being previewed.

The following table lists the preview options available for different types of supported forms:

Asset type
Available preview options
Document PDF preview
PDF Form PDF preview and Custom PDF preview
adaptive form HTML preview and Custom HTML preview
Form Template PDF preview, Custom PDF preview, HTML preview, and Custom HTML preview

Previewing a form

  1. Select an asset you want to preview, and click Preview in the toolbar.


    To select an asset, switch to List view from the default Card view. Click or to switch views.

  2. Clicking Preview lists the possible preview options applicable for the selected Asset Type. Click the desired option to render the selected asset in a new tab.

    All the preview options applicable to the selected asset

Custom preview

  1. Select an asset, click Preview , and select Custom.

  2. In the Preview Form dialog, provide FormData as an XML file. Click Preview to render the form with the merged data from XML.

    Add FormData to custom preview a form

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