Adaptive forms supports submitting the forms data to an existing Adobe LiveCycle server for further processing. It allows you to trigger a LiveCycle process with the data available from the submitted form.

Configure LiveCycle in AEM

To enable AEM to submit data to a LiveCycle server, configure the LiveCycle server as follows:

  1. Go to AEM web configuration console at http://[host]:[port]/system/console/configMgr.
  2. Locate and click the Adobe LiveCycle Client SDK Configuration component.
  3. Click to edit the configuration server URL, username, and password for the LiveCycle server.
  4. Review the settings and click Save.
Adobe LiveCycle Client SDK configuration

Map data with process fields

Once the LiveCycle server is configured, map the data XML and attachments from the submitted form to the fields in the LiveCycle process. To do this:

  1. In the AEM web configuration console, click to edit the Guide LiveCycle Process Locator and Invoker component.
  2. Specify the following parameters:
    • Name of the data xml parameter (mandatory): Specify the XML property file of the LiveCycle process that needs to process the submitted data. The default value is dataxml.
    • Name of the file attachments parameter (optional): Specify the list of document objects that the LiveCycle process needs to process. The default value is fileAttachmentsList.
  3. Review the settings and click Save.
Guide LiveCycle Process Locator and Invoker

Once configured, the Submit to Forms Workflow submit action lists the LiveCycle processes containing the specified data xml parameter.

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