Package com.adobe.fd.output.api

Interface Summary
OutputService Allows the creation of a Java object that invokes operations that belong to the Output service.

Class Summary
BatchOptions Represents set of batch related options for operations in OutputService
BatchResult This class encapsulates various outputs of a batch operation such as OutputService.generatePDFOutputBatch(java.util.Map, java.util.Map, com.adobe.fd.output.api.PDFOutputOptions, com.adobe.fd.output.api.BatchOptions)
PDFOutputOptions Represents the set of options used to configure operations such as OutputService.generatePDFOutput(com.adobe.aemfd.docmanager.Document, com.adobe.aemfd.docmanager.Document, com.adobe.fd.output.api.PDFOutputOptions)
PrintConfig XFA Device Configuration
PrintedOutputOptions Represents the set of options used to configure operations such as OutputService.generatePrintedOutput(com.adobe.aemfd.docmanager.Document, com.adobe.aemfd.docmanager.Document, com.adobe.fd.output.api.PrintedOutputOptions)

Enum Summary
AcrobatVersion Represents lowest acrobat versions requried for generated PDF
PaginationOverride An enumeration value that represents pagination XCI values.
RenderType Represents an enumeration value that specifies whether to create a PCL, PostScript, or ZPL output stream.

Exception Summary
OutputServiceException Type of exception thrown by OutputService

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