Posted on March 18, 2016


Contact Support for more information or to obtain the QF.

Issues fixed in the QF

  • The quick fix adds support for XFS file type. Now, you can render XDP files which use XFS style sheets. Now, XFS files are listed in AEM forms UI as supported files. (Ref# CQ-70910)
  • Adds support for createFormSet() API that allows creating formsets programmatically. (Ref# CQ-60849)
  • Adds support for syncing LiveCycle applications (LCAs) from Workbench to the CRX repository after performing an upgrade from LiveCycle ES2 to AEM 6.1 forms. (Ref# NPR-8821)

Prerequisites to installing the QF

  • AEM 6.1 forms

Installing and configuring the QF

  1. Go to AEM Package Manager.
  2. Log in with administrator credentials. The default username/password is admin/admin.
  3. Select the adobe-aemfd-[OS]-pkg-<version>.zip package and click Download. Save the package on your machine.
  4. Click Upload package and upload the adobe-aemfd-[OS] package.
  5. Select the uploaded package and click Install/Update.
  6. Restart the AEM instance. Before restarting the server, ensure that the server logs are stable.
  7. (AEM forms on JEE server only) Perform the following steps to start the Forms Manager component with the new DSC:
    1. Unzip the archive It contains the adobe-formsmanager-dsc-4.4.10.jar file.
    2. Launch Workbench and connect to AEM forms on JEE server.
    3. Open Window > Show View > Components. It opens the Components window.
    4. Right-click the FormsManager component. In the context menu, click Stop component.
    5. Right-click the FormsManager component. In the context menu, click Patch component. A window to select DSC opens. Select the adobe-formsmanager-dsc-4.4.10.jar DSC and click Open.
    6. Right-click the FormsManager component. In the context menu, click Start component.

Impacted modules

  • Forms manager

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