Multiple AEM Forms components | Quick Fix 3.2.36

Posted on Oct 28, 2016.


Contact Support for more information or to obtain the QF.

Issues fixed in the QF

  • When you add assets to a letter, a list module, or a condition module, the assets are added in editable state by default. (Ref# NPR-13035)
  • In Data view, the indicator that shows the number of unfilled mandatory fields disappears when all mandatory fields are filled. (Ref# NPR-11799)
  • Error messages no longer display the extraneous HTML tags. (Ref# NPR-12782)
  • Text editor and Create Correspondence UI now include a set of special characters that you can insert in text and also provide support for adding more characters. (Ref# NPR-10980)
    For more information, see Custom special characters in Correspondence Management.
  • Added support for converting Microsoft Word and Excel 2016 documents to PDF using PDF Generator. (Ref# CQ-100780)

Prerequisites to installing the QF

  • AEM 6.2 Forms

Installing and configuring the QF

  1. Go to AEM package manager and login with administrator credentials. The default username/password is admin/admin.
  2. Click Upload package and upload the adobe-aemfd-[OS] package.
  3. Select the uploaded package and click Update.
  4. Restart the server after installing the quick fix.

Impacted modules

  • Correspondence Management
  • PDF Generator